Fourth Anniversary Messages from Girls’ Generation! (via SNSD Korean)

Fourth Anniversary Messages from Girls' Generation! Whilst SONEs from around the world have been busy congratulating and wishing SNSD a Happy Fourth Anniversary, the members themselves have expressed their thanks towards SONEs, for supporting them over the past four years. As a sign of their gratitude, the girls’ left the following heartfelt messages and selcas on their official website: S♥NE~~ 벌써 우리가 만난 지 4년 이예요!!^^ 참..시간이 빠른 것 같아요. 요즘 콘서트도 하구 일본도 다녀오구 하느라 바쁘게 지냈는데 여전히 많이 사랑해주고 기다려주고 있는 것 같아서 너무 … Read More

via SNSD Korean


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